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Hellenic (adjective)

Hel·len·ic | \ he-ˈle-nik 

: of or relating to Greece, its people, or its language specifically : of or relating to ancient Greek history, culture, or art before the Hellenistic period

Hellenism (noun)

Hel·​le·​nism | \ ˈhe-lə-ˌni-zəm  \


1: GRECISM sense 1

2: devotion to or imitation of ancient Greek thought, customs, or styles

3: Greek civilization especially as modified in the Hellenistic period by influences from southwestern Asia

4: a body of humanistic and classical ideals associated with ancient Greece and including reason, the pursuit of knowledge and the arts, moderation, civic responsibility, and bodily development

Panhellenic Motorcycle Association - West Coast (Mortorcycle Riding Club ) Greek Candian Membership , Vancouver British Columbia (BC)
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The PanHellenic Motorcycle Association (PHMA) West Coast Chapter, based out of Vancouver's Lower Mainaland strives to assemble motorcycle enthusiasts who have a love of the Hellenes and Canadian loyalties.  

Our membership comprised of riders who are first, second, third generation Greek Heritage, as well as members who have come to admire and respect Hellenic history, values, and of course the Motorcyclists lifestyle . 

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