this is NOT part of a recruitment effort

we simply want to raise awareness and promote safe riding for new Motorcyclists

This is a free service - provided by volunteer members
of Panhellenic Motorcycle Association  to assist people
who are entering the "Motorcycle" world. 
* Get one on one & group experience and support 
* Must be a resident of British Columbia 
* Service offered only in the Vancouver Lower Mainland 
* Offered only to people who are of Greek (Greek Canadian) decent / background (See note below) 
* Enrolment does NOT extend membership to the Panhellenic Motorcycle Association
* Does not include any privileges associated with being a member of the Panhellenic Motorcycle Association
For more information simply: 
                     visit our contact page here : click here   
                     or call 604-649-2425 
** Note: Since this is a free service operated by our volunteers, we are limited in how many people we can assist.
Therefore we are limiting the service to coincide with the spirit of our Association which is to promote Greek Canadian and Hellenic interests - hence availing this to BC Residents who have a cultural connection with Greece. 
** Note Legal : This is not a professional or business offering. We are not qualified to teach or suggest any formal riding instructions in British Columbia. Your participation is subject to your own discretion and you undertake all responsibility for your safety and that of others around you.  At no point do we suggest we are an alternate for a Professional Driving School , or by participating in the enrolment to this free service , it will provide you readiness for a formal Driving Test.   Proof of Insurance and a Valid BC Drivers License might be required for participation.
Greek Flag
- Are you curious about what it takes to acquire a motorcycle license ?
-Do you need help picking out a Motorcycle Safety Course ?
- Would you like help pick out your first motorcycle ?
- Do you need help with selecting safety gear ?
- Do you need someone to ride with to help develop your skills ?
- Eίστε νέοι στον Καναδά και χρειάζεστε βοήθεια για να λάβετε
την άδειά σας ?

How do I get a motorcycle license in BC ?

The three steps to get you riding.

  • Step 1: Complete the Class 6 Knowledge Test  

             Download the ICBC "Learn to ride smart guide"  (Click Here)

             This guide will help you write the Knowledge Test

  • Step 2: Ride the Motorcycle Skills Test

              We highly recommend that you enroll in a Motorcycle Training Course

              There are numerous schools across the lower mainland you can enroll in. 

              If it's an ICBC endorsed program - then the instructors will conduct this                      exam on behalf of ICBC 

  • Step 3: Ride the Final Road Test